1700 APX2 Hochdruck Multi-layered Stainless

High Temperature Graphite Sheet with Multiple Foil Inserts


Teadit GR1700 is commonly used in pipe flanges, equipment and pressure vessels; non-typical geometry flanges tongue/groove and heat exchanger flanges. It is also suitable for use in the manufacture of gaskets for sight glass, pumps, fittings and valves, etc.



TEADIT GR1700 APX2 Hochdruck is a multilayer, high-strength gasket sealing sheet designed for high-temperature applications. The sheet is comprised of 0.020” thick layers of highly oxidation resistant APX2 flexible graphite and 0.002” thick inserts of 316L stainless steel foil.


Teadit GR1700 APX2 Hochdruck is specifically designed for high temperature flat gasket applications. It combines the outstanding weight loss characteristics of APX2 flexible graphite and reinforcing layers of metal.
Gaskets made from this type of sheet perform well in critical applications due to high mechanical strength and blow-out resistance, working pressure resistance up to 3600 psi (250 bar), excellent chemical resistance, very low cold or hot relaxation, and a maximum permissible gasket stress. Among its advantages, there is good conformation to sealing surface, excellent torque retention and high sealability. The thermal stability of APX2 is superior to that of standard grades of graphite foil. This is reflected by its mass loss curve, whose temperatures for any given mass loss are about 150ºC higher.

Service Limits

Temperature ºF (ºC) Minimum Service: -418 (-250)
Maximum Service:

1202 (650)

Pressure psi (bar) 3600 (250)
Availability 59.1 x 59.1 in
Thickness 1/16", 1/8"
Typical Physical Properties:
Bulk Density - ASTM C559 70 Lb/ft³
Compressibility - ASTM F36 35%
Recovery - ASTM F36 15%
Creep Relaxation - ASTM F38 - (flexible graphite only) < 4%
Carbon Content - ASTM D5373 ≥98%
Ash Content - ASTM C562 ≤2%
Total sulfur - ASTM D4239B < 300ppm
Total Chlorides - ASTM 4208/D4327 ≤25 ppm
Oxidation rate in air @670ºC - 1238ºF - LECO TGA ≤1%
Number of Inserts
Number of 316L SS foil Inserts 1/16 thk 2
Number of 316L SS foil Inserts 1/8 thk 5

Datasheet GR1700







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